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Nutritional , Glycemic and Ecological Assessment of Green Jackfruit for Diabetes in Kerala

  title={Nutritional , Glycemic and Ecological Assessment of Green Jackfruit for Diabetes in Kerala},
  author={James Joseph},
Objective: Kerala has a high prevalence of diabetes. Management of diabetes through pharmacological strategy imposes economic burden and adverse effect. Green jackfruit, a traditional food of Kerala, has shown promising effect in the management of diabetes. So the present study was focused to evaluate the nutritional quality and glycemic load of green jackfruit as a meal and also to evaluate the antidiabetic sales in units during the jackfruit season. Materials and methods: Nutritional analysis… 

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Light is thrown into the scope of Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam in future researches as it is a drug available in various parts of the world, which is cost effective and proven to be safe for diabetes mellitus.
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