Nutrition and the Early-Medieval Diet

  title={Nutrition and the Early-Medieval Diet},
  author={Kathy L. Pearson},
  pages={1 - 32}
The food supply of the temperate lands of early-medieval western Europe, and the ways in which its peoples dealt with the central problem of feeding themselves, has been subjected to a variety of interpretations in recent years.1 Vern Bullough and Cameron Campbell's study of the medieval diet and female longevity concluded that early-medieval women suffered from iron deficiencies triggered jointly by poor nutrition and frequent childbearing and that these deficiencies contributed substantially… 

The edge of the Empire: diet characterization of medieval Rome through stable isotope analysis

This paper aims to define the dietary profile of the population of early medieval Rome (fifth–eleventh centuries CE) by carbon and nitrogen stable isotope analysis. This period was characterized by

Dietary Reconstruction in Medieval Holbæk, Denmark using Dental Microwear and Macrowear, Isotopic Analyses, and Dental Caries

The medieval period in Denmark (11-16 century) was a time of great social and economic change. The current study seeks to analyze dietary patterns of individuals from a medieval site in Holbaek,

Childbearing and Infancy in the Carolingian World

Few studies of early medieval europe have addressed the history of reproduction, and none have focused on pregnancy and childbearing in the Carolingian empire, perhaps the greatest of all the early medieval kingdoms.

Reconstructing Christian lifeways: a bioarchaeological study of medieval inhabitants from Portmahomack, Scotland and Norton Priory, England.

This thesis investigates lifeways of medieval Christian communities from Portmahomack, Northeast Scotland and Norton Priory, Northwest England, to ascertain the extent to which skeletal indicators of

A tale of two cities : diet, health and migration in post-medieval Coventry and Chelsea through biographical reconstruction, osteoarchaeology and isotope biogeochemistry

Biogeochemical research has over the past four-and-a-half decades improved our understanding of human interaction with past environments. The application of different isotope systems has allowed

The transition from monastic to secular medicine in medieval England

This thesis will rely on a combination of primary and secondary source materials as it analyzes the transition from monastic to professionalized secular medicine, the condition of secular and domestic medicine, as well as the altering state of medical education, ethics, and treatment in twelfth, thirteenth, and early fourteenth-century England to determine how these changes affected the characteristics and availability of medical care.

Aspects of health and population studies in northern Europe between the tenth and twelfth centuries

This project has demonstrated that the northern European region could be perceived as a single geographical unit when assessing health in the past and provided a unique outlook on the range of past human life experience and identified evidence of the diversity that is potentially present in early medieval European populations.



THE BODY AND SOCIETY Men, Women and sexual renunciation in early Christianity

PrefaceIntroductionPart I. From Paul to anthony1. Body and City2. From Apostle to Apologist: Sexual Order and Sexual Renunciation in the Early Church3. Martyrdom, Prophecy and Continence: Hermas to

How to put the Food Guide Pyramid into practice.

Effects of varying carbohydrate content of diet in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.

In NIDDM patients, high-carbohydrate diets compared with high-monounsaturated-fat diets caused persistent deterioration of glycemic control and accentuation of hyperinsulinemia, as well as increased plasma triglyceride and very-low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, which may not be desirable.

Effects of weight cycling caused by intermittent dieting on metabolic rate and body composition in obese women.

No evidence in this group of obese women that weight cycling leads to a progressive decrease in BMR or increase in the proportion of body fat is found.

Climate: present, past and future

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Climate: present, past and future , Climate: present, past and future , مرکز فناوری اطلاعات و اطلاع رسانی کشاورزی

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