Nutrition and diet for healthy lifestyles in Europe: the 'Eurodiet' Project.


The aims of this project are to formulate a strategy and action plan for developing and implementing European dietary guidelines. The project is supported by DGV/F/3 and was initiated in October 1998. The work plan has entailed the formation of Working Parties composed of prominent experts from the member states to prepare consensus documents on the state of the art in Europe and the added value of European population-based guidelines. These groups are addressing 4 inter-linked components of the project: (1) evaluation of the role of diet and lifestyles in health & disease patterns in Europe; (2) the feasibility of developing an EU-wide framework for food-based dietary guidelines; (3) public health nutrition strategies for implementing FBDGs and for enhancing physically active lifestyles in Europe and (4) an evaluation of policy, trade, economic and technological aspects to improving nutritional status and lifestyles in the EU. Stakeholders from the spectrum of interests involved are invited to assess and debate the science and policy implications of these documents, which will be presented at a European Conference in May 2000. Recommendations in the form of a practical, evidence based policy document will be presented to the European Commission, the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament.


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