Nutrition and aging: a consensus statement.

  title={Nutrition and aging: a consensus statement.},
  author={Christopher J Bates and Dacia Benton and H. K. Biesalski and Hannes Balthasar St{\"a}helin and Wija A. van Staveren and Peter Stehle and Peter M. Suter and Guenther Wolfram},
  journal={The journal of nutrition, health & aging},
  volume={6 2},
OBJECTIVE To consider the relationship between nutrition and aging. To summarize existing knowledge and identify areas of ignorance. DESIGN Experts from a range of relevant disciplines received and considered a series of questions related to aspects of the topic. SETTING University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany. INTERVENTION The experts met and discussed the questions and arrived at a consensus. CONCLUSION Many specific conclusions were drawn that support the general view that as we… CONTINUE READING

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