Nutrient use by three geographic sources of eastern cottonwood


BLACKMON, B. G., J. B. BAKER, and D. T. COOPER. 1979. Nutrient use by three geographic sources of eastern cottonwood. Can. J. For. Res. 9: 532-534. Three geographic sources (Louisiana, Mississippi, and southern Illinois) of 11-year-old eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoides Bartr.) growing in Mississippi, U.S.A., were studied for differences in biomass and nutrient accumulation. The three sources produced about the same biomass (70-80 t/ha (1 short ton = 2000 lb. = 0.907 t; 1 long ton = 2240 lb. = 1.016 t», but the Louisiana source contained significantly lower N contents in the stems and lower K contents in both the stems and the total tree. Trees originating in Louisiana produced 640 g of dry matter for each 1 g of N found in the tree, compared with 430 g per gram of N for the Illinois source. The Louisiana source produced 430 g of dry matter per gram of K whereas the Illinois source produced about 200 g of biomass per.1 g of K. Thus, the Louisiana source appears to be more efficient in Nand K utilization. Data indicate that if this stand were harvested at age II, the Illinois source would remove 118 kg of Nand 284 kg of K per hectare from the site. The Louisiana source would remove only 73 kg of Nand 127 kg of K per hectare.

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