Nutrient displacement associated with walnut supplementation in men.

  title={Nutrient displacement associated with walnut supplementation in men.},
  author={Sibylle Kranz and Alison M. Hill and Jennifer A. Fleming and Terryl J. Hartman and Sheila G. West and Penny M Kris-Etherton},
  journal={Journal of human nutrition and dietetics : the official journal of the British Dietetic Association},
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BACKGROUND Dietary guidance issued by various global government agencies recommends nut consumption within the context of a healthy-eating pattern. Nuts are nutrient dense and may promote nutrient adequacy. As an energy-dense food, nuts must replace other foods in the diet to prevent an excess of calories. METHODS We evaluated how recommending the inclusion of walnuts (75 g day(-1) ) in the diet affected energy and nutrient intake in men (45-75 years; mean body mass index = 27.6 kg m(-2) ; n… CONTINUE READING