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Nutrient Composition and Sensory Evaluation of Dry Moringa Oleifera Aqueous Extract

  title={Nutrient Composition and Sensory Evaluation of Dry Moringa Oleifera Aqueous Extract},
  author={Madukwe E U and Ezeugwu J O Eme},
This study evaluated the nutrient composition of dry Moringa oleifera leaf aqueous extract and organoleptic properties of dry Moringa oleifera leaf powder. The proximate, mineral, vitamin and phytochemical composition of the leaf extract were analysed. The results showed that the ash, crude fibre, fat and moisture contents of dry Moringa oleifera were 0.04, 0.00, 0.001 and 96.68%, respectively. The protein and carbohydrate contents were 0.66 and 2.63%, each. Iron and calcium were 2.07 and 33… Expand

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