Nutraceuticals: facts and fiction.

  title={Nutraceuticals: facts and fiction.},
  author={Juan Carlos Esp{\'i}n and Mar{\'i}a-Teresa Garc{\'i}a-Conesa and Francisco Tom{\'a}s Barber{\'a}n},
  volume={68 22-24},
Epidemiological studies show a link between the consumption of plant-derived foods and a range of health benefits. These benefits have been associated, at least partially, to some of the phytochemical constituents, and, in particular, to polyphenols. In the last few years, nutraceuticals have appeared in the market. These are pharmaceutical forms (pills, powders, capsules, vials, etc.) containing food bioactive compounds as active principles. The bioactive phytochemicals have become a very… CONTINUE READING


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