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Nurturing Early Childhood Teachers as Leaders: Long-Term Professional Development.

  title={Nurturing Early Childhood Teachers as Leaders: Long-Term Professional Development.},
  author={Patricia A. Crawford and Sherron Killingsworth Roberts and Rosemary Hickmann},
  journal={Dimensions of Early Childhood},
“One of the things that I got [from the professional development program] was that you can be a leader as a teacher; that you don’t have to be in administration…. I want to stay in the classroom with the kids—that’s where I belong…. I can still be a leader in that sense. And that’s what I hope for.” This comment was made by a program participant in the Master Teacher Program, a 3-year sequence in which a group of teachers came together for a monthly day of professional development based on a… 

Thick and Thin: Variations in Teacher Leader Identity.

Recently, there has been more focus on issues related to the professional development of teacher leaders (TLs), but there is still much to learn. Situated within a larger study, the purpose of this


Recent studies have indicated that early childhood education (ECE) teachers’ responsibilities have expanded to include leadership functions. In school contexts the phenomenon is called teacher

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The job of principals is demanding and evolving; consequently, they cannot lead alone. Teacher leaders can be a valuable resource if principals know how to build leadership capacity in teachers and

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Impact of the Southern State Teaching Program on the Preparation of Teacher Leaders by Jenna L. Hallman MA, Clemson University, 2008 BA, University of South Carolina Upstate, 1997 Dissertation

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In this article, the authors use an explanatory narrative of participation and transformation across two consecutive early childhood communities of practice to chronicle the evolution of a teacher

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Continuous professional learning and development (PLD) is an essential component of effective practice in any profession. PLD as a professional responsibility and workplace requirement in early

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The chapter identifies notions of shared leadership and concerns within the Caribbean context. It further explores the concept of shared leadership within the context of Caribbean early childhood

Teacher and Parental Influence on Childhood Learning Outcomes

Teacher and Parent Influence on Childhood Learning Outcomes by Michele Benjamin MA, California State University Los Angeles, 2003 BS, California State University Los Angeles, 2000 Dissertation

Open Research Online Evaluating an Automated Analysis using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing Approaches to Classify Computer Science Students’ Reflective Writing

  • Education
  • 2022
. Reflection writing is a common practice in higher education. However, manual analysis of written reflections is time-consuming. This study presents an automated analysis of reflective writing to



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This article describes a model of teacher change originally presented nearly two decades ago (Guskey, 1986) that began my long and warm friendship with Michael Huberman. The model portrays the

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Lacey's high school needed her talent and skills. Located in an urban, working-class community, the school was struggling to serve all students well and had failed to make Adequate Yearly Progress

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This article reports part of an empirical research project investigating the professional development, knowledge and beliefs of a number of teachers working in primary schools throughout England who

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Teacher leadership is a concept that is gaining increasing interest from both practitioners and researchers. This article presents findings from three case studies in the UK that can be characterized

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The study describes teachers' collective work in which they developed deeper understanding of their own students' mathematical thinking. Teachers at one school met in monthly workgroups throughout

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One of the key tenets of educational reform is that excellent teachers should be given the opportunity to provide leadership for their colleagues. The question of how this is to be accomplished,

Awakening the Sleeping Giant: Helping Teachers Develop as Leaders. Second Edition.

Preface Acknowledgments About the Authors 1. Understanding Teacher Leadership Teacher Leadership Emerges Definition of Teacher Leadership Three Potential Teacher Leaders Readiness for Teacher

National Association for the Education of Young Children

Standards Alignment to MCCCD Competencies Information listed below will help you understand the alignment of your course competencies to Arizona Professional Teacher Standards, NAEYC Standards, and

On Reflective Teaching

Reflective teaching involves questioning one own self to bring perfection by asking the following questions : Teacher educator should apply this theory in classroom practice, in order observe and