Nursing. Image, politics and the media.

  • E. P. Doolan
  • Published 2000 in
    British journal of perioperative nursing : the…


This is the final article in the series on nursing and politics. It examines one person's perspective on the image of nursing as portrayed in the media, and the place of nursing in political debate. The series has presented a variety of views: from political correspondents, from Government or Opposition spokesmen. This final article offers the views of Ed Doolan, a journalist and BBC broadcaster who is also a member of an NHS Trust Board. The article is based on an interview which took place at the BBC Pebble Mill studios in Birmingham in February this year. Ed Doolan has not been paid a fee for the interview; instead, NATN have made a contribution to the Children's Hospital, Birmingham.

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@article{Doolan2000NursingIP, title={Nursing. Image, politics and the media.}, author={E. P. Doolan}, journal={British journal of perioperative nursing : the journal of the National Association of Theatre Nurses}, year={2000}, volume={10 9}, pages={474-6} }