Nurses' roles in informed consent in a hierarchical and communal context.

  title={Nurses' roles in informed consent in a hierarchical and communal context.},
  author={Astrid Pratidina Susilo and Jan van Dalen and Albert W Scherpbier and Sugiharto Tanto and Patricia Yuhanti and Nora Ekawati},
  journal={Nursing ethics},
  volume={20 4},
Although the main responsibility for informed consent of medical procedures rests with doctors, nurses' roles are also important, especially as patient advocates. Nurses' preparation for this role in settings with a hierarchical and communal culture has received little attention. We explored the views of hospital managers and nurses regarding the roles of nurses in informed consent and factors influencing these roles. We conducted a qualitative study in a private, multispecialty hospital in… CONTINUE READING

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