Nurse, Patient, and Care Partner Perceptions of a Personalized Safety Plan Screensaver.


A patient safety plan dashboard was developed that captures disparate data from the electronic health record that is then displayed as a personalized bedside screensaver. The dashboard aligns all care team members, including patients and families, in the safety plan. The screensaver content includes icons that pertain to common geriatric syndromes. In two phases, interviews were conducted with nurses, nursing assistants, patients, and informal caregivers in a large, tertiary care center. End user perceptions of the content and interface of the personalized safety plan screensavers were identified and strategies to overcome the barriers to use for future iterations were defined. Many themes were identified, ranging from appreciation of the clinical decision support provided by the screensavers to the value of the safety-centric content. Differences emerged stemming from each group of end users' role on the care team. All feedback will inform requirements for improvements to the personalized safety plan screensaver. [Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 43(4), 15-22.].

DOI: 10.3928/00989134-20170313-05

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@article{Duckworth2017NursePA, title={Nurse, Patient, and Care Partner Perceptions of a Personalized Safety Plan Screensaver.}, author={Megan Duckworth and Emily Leung and Theresa Fuller and Jenzel Espares and Brittany Couture and Frank Chang and Alexandra C Businger and Sarah Collins and Anuj Dalal and Anne Fladger and Jeffrey L Schnipper and Kumiko O Schnock and David W Bates and Patricia C Dykes}, journal={Journal of gerontological nursing}, year={2017}, volume={43 4}, pages={15-22} }