Nuphar Dimers: Crouching Sulfur, Hidden Reactivity

  title={Nuphar Dimers: Crouching Sulfur, Hidden Reactivity},
  author={L. A. Marcaurelle and M. Mulvihill},
  journal={ACS Central Science},
  pages={367 - 369}
Hidden electrophilicity in Nuphar alkaloids is responsible for their impressive bioactivity, report Shenvi and colleagues. 
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Natural disesquiterpenoids: an update.
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Composition and Biological Activity of Furanoquinolizidine Alkaloids from Yellow Water-Lily (Nuphar Lutea L. Smith) Rhizomes
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Stereoselective Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of C1-Epimeric and Desmethyl Monomeric Nuphar Analogues.
A class of monomeric nuphar analogues that are either epimeric at C1 and C1' or lack the naturally occurring methyl group at those positions were synthesized and evaluated for biological activity.Expand


Synthesis and Sulfur Electrophilicity of the Nuphar Thiaspirane Pharmacophore
The experiments combined with prior observations suggest the sulfur of the Nuphar dimers can react as an electrophile in cellular environments and that sulfur-triggered retrodimerization can occur in the cell. Expand
Total Syntheses and Biological Evaluation of Both Enantiomers of Several Hydroxylated Dimeric Nuphar Alkaloids.
The efforts provide for the first time apoptosis data for (-)-3 a, (+)-4‬a, and all five non-natural enantiomers prepared, which indicate high apoptotic activity regardless of the enantiomer or relative stereochemical configuration at C7 and C7'. Expand
Synthesis of (-)-neothiobinupharidine.
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Potent anti-metastatic activity of dimeric sesquiterpene thioalkaloids from the rhizome of Nuphar pumilum.
The methanolic extract and its alkaloid fraction from the rhizomes of Nuphar pumilum and the principal dimeric sesquiterpene thioalkaloid 6-hydroxythiobinupharidine significantly inhibited lung tumor formation by more than 90% 10 days after injection of B16 melanoma cells in mice. Expand
the rhizome of Nuphar pumilum
  • Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett
  • 2003