Numerical study of an optimization problem for mosaic active imaging


In this paper, we focus on the restoration of an image in mosaic active imaging. This emerging imaging technique consists in acquiring a mosaic of images (laser shots) by focusing a laser beam on a small portion of the target object and subsequently moving it to scan the whole field of view. To restore the whole image from such a mosaic, a prior work proposed a simplified forward model describing the acquisition process. It also provides a prior on the acquisition parameters. Together with a prior on the distribution of images, this leads to a MAP estimate alternating between the estimation of the restored image and the estimation of these parameters. The novelty of the current paper is twofold: (i) We provide a numerical study and argue that faster convergence can be achieved for estimating the acquisition parameters; (ii) we show that the results from this earlier work are improved when the laser shots are acquired according to a more compact pattern.

DOI: 10.1109/ICIP.2014.7025345

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