Numerical solutions of chemical differential-algebraic equations

  title={Numerical solutions of chemical differential-algebraic equations},
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Numerical solution of differential-algebraic equation systems and applications
The numerical solution of partial differential-algebraic equations
In this paper, a numerical solution of partial differential-algebraic equations (PDAEs) is considered by multivariate Padé approximations. We applied this method to an example. First, PDAE has been
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We implement a relatively new analytic iterative technique to get approximate solutions of differential algebraic equations system based on generalized Taylor series formula. The solution methodology
Adaptive LMS power series analytical solution for differential algebraic equations
The efficient and accurate solutions provided by the technique proposed are illustrated through simulated examples and it is shown that the performance of the technique proposes outperforms existing conventional and modern methods.
On the Numerical Solution of Generalized Pantograph Equation
Absrtact: In this study, a numerical algorithm for solving a generalization of a functional differential equation known as the pantograph equation is presented. Firstly, the proposed algorithm
Numerical solutions of fractional differential equations of Lane-Emden type by an accurate technique
In this work, we study the fractional order Lane-Emden differential equations by using the reproducing kernel method. The exact solution is shown in the form of a series in the reproducing kernel
On the numerical solution of differential equations of Lane-Emden type


Approximation methods for the consistent initialization of differential-algebraic equations
The consistency requirement is characterized by a system of equations, an approximation method is introduced for these equations, and the numerical solution of the resulting system is analyzed for certain important classes of DAEs.
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SummaryThe paper analyzes one-step methods for differential-algebraic equations (DAE) in terms of convergence order. In view of extrapolation methods, certain perturbed asymptotic expansions are
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This book is a practical and mathematically well informed introduction that emphasizes basic methods and theory, issues in the use and development of mathematical software, and examples from scientific engineering applications.
Solving Ordinary Differential Equations Using Taylor Series
The included Taylor series method executes faster and yields a more accurate answer than the standard methods for most of the problems in the test set and is most attractwe for small systems and for stringent accuracy tolerances.
Numerical solution of initial-value problems in differential-algebraic equations
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