Numerical solution of the modified Bessel equation

  title={Numerical solution of the modified Bessel equation},
  author={Michael Carley},
  journal={Ima Journal of Numerical Analysis},
  • M. Carley
  • Published 10 October 2011
  • Mathematics
  • Ima Journal of Numerical Analysis
A Green’s function based solver for the modified Bessel equation has been developed with the primary motivation of solving the Poisson and biharmonic equations in cylindrical geometries. The method is implemented using a Discrete Hankel Transform and a Green’s function based on the modified Bessel functions of the first and second kind. The computation of these Bessel functions has been implemented to avoid scaling problems due to their exponential and singular behaviour, allowing the method to… 

Highly accurate and numerically stable computations of double-layer coaxial waveguides

Purpose The purpose of this study is to develop and investigate a fast and accurate algorithm for the modeling of characteristic impedance of double-layer coaxial waveguides.

Reversal of laser wake phase velocity generates high-power broadband Cherenkov signal

As a femtosecond terawatt laser pulse propagates along a positive density gradient within a stratified plasma column, it drives a low-frequency electromagnetic wake wave, the period of electron fluid

Radiation emission at Langmuir frequency from laser wake in longitudinally stratified plasma column

Theoretical analysis shows that a small-amplitude laser wake (an electrostatic Langmuir wave), driven in a periodically stratified, cylindrical plasma column, generates a superluminal, azimuthally

Single-cycle THz signal accompanying laser wake in photoionized plasmas and plasma channels

Photoionization by a femtosecond, terawatt laser pulse generates a plasma column in a neutral ambient gas. Velocity of electrons, pushed by the laser ponderomotive force along the column surface,



The discrete Bessel transform algorithm

We present a general discrete Bessel transform based on the Bessel functions of the first kind for any integer or half‐integer order ν. This discrete Bessel transform shares a number of similitudes

A Fast Algorithm for the Calculation of the Roots of Special Functions

We describe a procedure for the determination of the roots of functions satisfying second-order ordinary differential equations, including the classical special functions. The scheme is based on a

A Direct Spectral Collocation Poisson Solver in Polar and Cylindrical Coordinates

In this paper, we present a direct spectral collocation method for the solution of the Poisson equation in polar and cylindrical coordinates. The solver is applied to the Poisson equations for

Efficient and accurate three-dimensional Poisson solver for surface problems.

This Poisson solver is primarily intended for real space methods where the charge density and the potential are given on a uniform grid and has an O(N log N) computational cost.


A fast and accurate solver to calculate the disk potential and disk self-gravity forces for disk systems on a uniform polar grid is developed and a mode-cutoff procedure is proposed to reduce the parallel communication cost and achieve nearly linear scalability for a large number of processors.

Noise sources in a low-Reynolds-number turbulent jet at Mach 0.9

  • J. Freund
  • Physics
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics
  • 2001
The mechanisms of sound generation in a Mach 0.9, Reynolds number 3600 turbulent jet are investigated by direct numerical simulation. Details of the numerical method are briefly outlined and results

Computation of modified Bessel functions and their ratios

An efficient algorithm for calculating ratios r,(x) = I,+i(x)/1I(x), v > 0, x > 0, is presented. This algorithm in conjunction with the recursion relation for r (x) gives an alternative to other

A Table of Integrals

Basic Forms x n dx = 1 n + 1 x n+1 (1) 1 x dx = ln |x| (2) udv = uv − vdu (3) 1 ax + b dx = 1 a ln |ax + b| (4) Integrals of Rational Functions 1 (x + a) 2 dx = −