Numerical simulations of emulsions in shear flows

  title={Numerical simulations of emulsions in shear flows},
  author={Marco Edoardo Rosti and Francesco De Vita and Luca Brandt},
  journal={Acta Mechanica},
We present a modification of a recently developed volume of fluid method for multiphase problems (Ii et al. in J Comput Phys 231(5):2328–2358, 2012), so that it can be used in conjunction with a fractional-step method and fast Poisson solver, and validate it with standard benchmark problems. We then consider emulsions of two-fluid systems and study their rheology in a plane Couette flow in the limit of vanishing inertia. We examine the dependency of the effective viscosity $$\mu $$μ on the… 

Modulation of homogeneous and isotropic turbulence in emulsions

Abstract We present a numerical study of emulsions in homogeneous and isotropic turbulence (HIT) at $Re_\lambda =137$. The problem is addressed via direct numerical simulations, where the volume of

Shear-thinning and shear-thickening emulsions in shear flows

We study the rheology of a two-fluid emulsion in semi-concentrated conditions; the solute is Newtonian while the solvent an inelastic power law fluid. The problem at hand is tackled by means of

Numerical simulations of vorticity banding of emulsions in shear flows.

Numerically investigating the banding of emulsions, i.e. the formation of regions of high and low volume fractions, alternated in the vorticity direction and aligned with the flow (shear bands), finds that the initial banded distribution is stable when droplets are free to merge and unstable when coalescence is prevented.

On the effect of coalescence on the rheology of emulsions

We present a numerical study of the rheology of a two-fluid emulsion in dilute and semidilute conditions. The analysis is performed for different capillary numbers, volume fractions and viscosity

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We analyze a suspension of deformable particles in a pressure-driven flow. The suspension is composed of neutrally buoyant initially spherical particles and a Newtonian carrier fluid, and the flow is

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When a viscous binary mixture subject to an applied shear flow is rapidly quenched into the unstable region of its phase diagram, the resulting phase separation is influenced by two competing

Breakage, coalescence and size distribution of surfactant-laden droplets in turbulent flow

In this work, we compute numerically breakage/coalescence rates and size distribution of surfactant-laden droplets in turbulent flow. We use direct numerical simulation of turbulence coupled with a

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We simulate the flow of two immiscible and incompressible fluids separated by an interface in a homogeneous turbulent shear flow at a shear Reynolds number equal to 15 200. The viscosity and density

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Abstract We perform interface-resolved simulations of finite-size evaporating droplets in weakly compressible homogeneous shear turbulence. The study is conducted by varying three dimensionless



Numerical simulation of a concentrated emulsion in shear flow

A three-dimensional computer simulation of a concentrated emulsion in shear flow has been developed for low-Reynolds-number finite-capillary-number conditions. Numerical results have been obtained

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The characterization of the total stress of concentrated suspensions of noncolloidal spheres in Newtonian fluids

The total stress of a concentrated suspension of noncolloidal spheres in a Newtonian fluid was characterized by independent measurements in viscometric flows. Using a suspension balance formulation,

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This work examines the role of particle-scale inertia in a monodisperse suspension of non-Brownian and neutrally buoyant spherical particles subjected to simple-shear flow. The dimensionless

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Abstract Dense particle suspensions are widely encountered in many applications and in environmental flows. While many previous studies investigate their rheological properties in laminar flows,

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The macroscopic flow and detailed microphysics of a concentrated emulsion are described with three-dimensional numerical simulations. Numerical predictions for deformable drop interactions in

Elastoviscoplastic flow in porous media

We investigate the elastoviscoplastic flow through porous media by numerical simulations. We solve the Navier-Stokes equations combined with the elastoviscoplastic model proposed by Saramito for the

Elastoviscoplastic flows in porous media


The numerical simulation of flows with interfaces and free-surface flows is a vast topic, with applications to domains as varied as environment, geophysics, engineering, and fundamental physics. In