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Numerical modeling of inhomogeneous DNA replication kinetics

  title={Numerical modeling of inhomogeneous DNA replication kinetics},
  author={Michel G. Gauthier and Antoine Dub'e and John Bechhoefer},
  journal={arXiv: Quantitative Methods},
We present a calculation technique for modeling inhomogeneous DNA replication kinetics, where replication factors such as initiation rates or fork speeds can change with both position and time. We can use our model to simulate data sets obtained by molecular combing, a widely used experimental technique for probing replication. We can also infer information about the replication program by fitting our model to experimental data sets and also test the efficacy of planned experiments by fitting… 

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DNA Replication. Methods and Protocols.

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  • A. Natarajan
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SCE increased at all the tested concentrations except the lowest dose, while that low dose induced a significant effect on the induction of chromosomal aberrations in the germ cells, indicating that rifampicin has a potential clastogenic effect.


The present knowledge of the morphology of the cell and its role in physiology and pathology has focussed the attention of gerontologic research on the cell, to determine its relationship to the aging process.


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This book will be a useful reference book for research endocrinologists or those involved in the measurement of hormones in blood or for its critical evaluation of methods rather than a description of a particular method.


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PLoS ONE 7(3)

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Trends in Cell Biology

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Natl. Acad. Sci. USA

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