Numerical Simulation of the Motion of Inextensible Capsules in Shear Flow Under the Effect of the Natural State

  title={Numerical Simulation of the Motion of Inextensible Capsules in Shear Flow Under the Effect of the Natural State},
  author={Xiting Niu and Lingling Shi and Tsorng‐Whay Pan and Roland Glowinski},
  journal={Communications in Computational Physics},
In this paper, a computational model for the natural state of an inextensible capsule has been successfully combined with a spring model of the capsule membrane to simulate the motion of the capsule in two-dimensional shear flow. Besides the viscosity ratio of the internal fluid and external fluid of the capsule, the natural state also plays a role for having the transition between two well known motions, tumbling and tank-treading (TT) with the long axis oscillates about a fixed inclination… 

Shape Memory of Elastic Capsules Under the Effect of Spontaneous Shape

Red blood cells can recover their resting shape after having been deformed by shear flow. Their rims are always formed by the same part of the membranes, and the cells are said to have shape memory.

Effects of membrane reference state on shape memory of a red blood cell

Results show that a non-spherical RSC can result in shape memory and a folding recovery due to the biconcave RSL which is different from the tank treading recovery.



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We study the motion and deformation of a liquid capsule enclosed by a surface-incompressible membrane as a model of red blood cell dynamics in shear flow. Considering a slightly ellipsoidal initial

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A theoretical model is developed for the motion of a human red blood cell in a shear field. The model consists of a tank-treading ellipsoidal membrane encapsulating an incompressible Newtonian liquid

Numerical Simulation of the Flow-Induced Deformation of Red Blood Cells

Parametric investigations reveal that, in the range of shear rates considered, membrane compressibility has a secondary influence on the cell deformation and on the effective viscosity of a dilute suspension.

Two-dimensional vesicle dynamics under shear flow: effect of confinement.

Dynamics of a single vesicle under shear flow between two parallel plates is studied in two-dimensions using lattice-Boltzmann simulations using an approach known from the immersed boundary method.

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We have performed direct numerical simulation (DNS) of a lipid vesicle under Stokes flow conditions in simple shear flow. The lipid membrane is modelled as a two-dimensional incompressible fluid with

Effect of the natural state of an elastic cellular membrane on tank-treading and tumbling motions of a single red blood cell.

  • K. TsubotaS. Wada
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A combination of natural state nonuniformity and elastic spring constant determined that change in the RBC deformation at the transition is that from a large compressive deformation to no deformation, such as rigid body.

Steady to unsteady dynamics of a vesicle in a flow.

This theory describes correctly the two regimes, at least in two dimensions, even for the quite elongated non-convex shapes corresponding to red blood cells (and therefore far from ellipsoidal), this theory is, however, not fully quantitative.

Dynamics of fluid vesicles in shear flow: effect of membrane viscosity and thermal fluctuations.

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A simulation technique is presented that combines a three-dimensional particle-based mesoscopic model (multiparticle collision dynamics) for the solvent with a dynamically triangulated surface model for the membrane to investigate the dynamical behavior of vesicles in simple shear flow.