Numerical Simulation of Fecal Coliform Dynamics in Luruaco Lake, Colombia

  title={Numerical Simulation of Fecal Coliform Dynamics in Luruaco Lake, Colombia},
  author={T. M. Saita and Paulo Laerte Natti and Eliandro Rodrigues Cirilo and Neyva Maria Lopes Romeiro and M. A. C. Candezano and R. B. Acu{\~n}a and L. C. G. Moreno},
The Luruaco Lake located in the Department of Atl\'antico, Colombia, is damaged by the discharge of untreated sewage, bringing risks to the health of all who use its waters. The present study aims to perform the numerical simulation of the concentration dynamics of fecal coliforms in the lake. The simulation of the hydrodynamic flow is carried out by means of a two-dimensional horizontal (2DH) model, given by a Navier-Stokes system. The simulation of fecal coliform transport is described by a… 


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