Numerical Quadrature of Highly Oscillatory Integrals Using Derivatives

  title={Numerical Quadrature of Highly Oscillatory Integrals Using Derivatives},
  author={Sheehan Olver},
Numerical approximation of highly oscillatory functions is an area of research that has received considerable attention in recent years. Using asymptotic expansions as a point of departure, we derive Filon-type and Levin-type methods. These methods have the wonderful property that they improve with accuracy as the frequency of oscillations increases. A generalization of Levin-type methods to integrals over higher dimensional domains will also be presented. 

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Efficient quadrature of highly oscillatory integrals using derivatives
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In this paper, we explore quadrature methods for highly oscillatory integrals. Generalizing the method of stationary phase, we expand such integrals into asymptotic series in inverse powers of the
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A Levin-type method for approximating multivariate highly oscillatory integrals, subject to a non-resonance condition, which does not require the knowledge of moments to derive an approximation when the oscillator is complicated and when the domain is neither a simplex nor a polytope.
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Approximation theory and methods
Preface 1. The approximation problem and existence of best approximations 2. The uniqueness of best approximations 3. Approximation operators and some approximating functions 4. Polynomial