Numerical Model of a Nasal Septal Perforation


This paper describes numerical simulation of airflow in a nose with a nasal septal perforation. Diseased airflow is compared to airflow in a healthy nasal model. The healthy model has been generated from CT scans from the Antrim Area Hospital ENT clinic and is close to being anatomically accurate. The nasal septal perforation has been superimposed on the… (More)
DOI: 10.3233/978-1-60750-949-3-1352


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@article{Grant2004NumericalMO, title={Numerical Model of a Nasal Septal Perforation}, author={Orla Grant and Neil Bailie and John Watterson and Jonathan Cole and Geraldine Gallagher and Brendan Hanna}, journal={Studies in health technology and informatics}, year={2004}, volume={107 Pt 2}, pages={1352-6} }