Numerical Investigation of Flow Past Cylinderin Cross Flow

  • M . H . Alhajeri, Jasem Alrajhi, M. Alardhi, Saleh Alhajeri
  • Published 2012


A numerical prediction of flow in a tube bank is reported. The flow regimes considered cover a wide range of Reynolds numbers, which range from 380 to 99000 and which are equivalent to a range of inlet velocities from very low (0.072 m/s) to very high (60 m/s). In this study, calculations were made using the standard k-e model with standard wall function. The drag coefficient, skin friction drag, pressure drag, and pressure distribution around a tube were investigated. As the velocity increased, the drag coefficient decreased until the velocity exceeded 45 m/s, after which it increased. Furthermore, the pressure drag and skin friction drag depend on the velocity. Keywords—Numerical Fluid Flow Turbine Cooling Blade.

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