Numerical Dissipation and Wrong Propagation Speed of Discontinuities For Stiff Source Terms

  title={Numerical Dissipation and Wrong Propagation Speed of Discontinuities For Stiff Source Terms},
  author={H. C. Yeea and D. V. Kotovb and B. Sj{\"o}greenc},
  • H. C. Yeea, D. V. Kotovb, B. Sjögreenc
  • Published 2011
In compressible turbulent combustion/nonequilibrium flows, the constructions of numerical schemes for (a) stable and accurate simulation of turbulence with strong shocks, and (b) obtaining correct propagation speed of discontinuities for stiff reacting terms on “coarse grids” share one important ingredient minimization of numerical dissipation while maintaining numerical stability. Here “coarse grids” means standard mesh density requirement for accurate simulation of typical non-reacting flows… CONTINUE READING


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