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Numerical Analysis Concepts for Balloon

  title={Numerical Analysis Concepts for Balloon},
  author={W. Anderson and J. and Park and M. Dungan},
St ruc tu ra l , thermal and acoustic numerical analysis concepts are reviewed in regard to the i r su i tab i l i ty fo r h igh-a l t i tude balloon analysis. Finite e lement t heo ry is the main tool for structural analysis, ye t the solution process in the commercial codes is not sat isfactory in all ways. Comparisons are made between theo r y and commerc ia l codes in the analysis of thin bal loon structures. MARC, ABAQUS and MSCJNASTRAN are compared with a series so lu t ion of the… Expand


Added mass of high-altitude balloons
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Shape and Stress of an Ascending Bal- Eq. 2 can he rewritten by using Eq. 3: loon,
  • Winzen International, Inc., San Antonio TX, Report No. WII-9936-FR-01,
  • 1987