Number of beta-receptors in rhinitic pollinic patients.

  title={Number of beta-receptors in rhinitic pollinic patients.},
  author={Pedro Manuel Gamboa and Maria Luisa Nueda Sanz and Carmen de la Cuesta and Blanca Esther Garc{\'i}a and Julia Castillo and Albert K Oehling},
  journal={Journal of investigational allergology & clinical immunology},
  volume={1 2},
The study was carried out on venous blood from 67 patients with seasonal rhinoconjunctivitis caused by sensitization to grass pollen and 30 control individuals. Total IgE determination, antigen-specific histamine release test against two concentrations of Phleum pratense, and quantification of beta 2-adrenergic receptor numbers in lymphocyte membrane of… CONTINUE READING