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Null Controllability of a nonlinear age, space and two-sex structured population dynamics model

  title={Null Controllability of a nonlinear age, space and two-sex structured population dynamics model},
  author={Simpor'e Yacouba and Traor{\'e} Soumana Oumar},
  journal={arXiv: Analysis of PDEs},
In this paper, we study the null controllability of a nonlinear age, space and two-sex structured population dynamics model. This model is such that the nonlinearity and the couplage are at birth level. We consider a population with males and females and we are dealing with two cases of null controllability problem. The first problem is related to the total extinction, which means that, we estimate a time $T$ to bring the male and female subpopulation density to zero. The second case concerns… Expand

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