Nuevo método para extraer Imazapyr del suelo sin el uso de solventes orgánicos

  title={Nuevo m{\'e}todo para extraer Imazapyr del suelo sin el uso de solventes org{\'a}nicos},
  author={Milton C Soto-Barajas and Blanca Prado and El{\'i}as Raymundo Raymundo and Claudia Cordero Hidalgo and Jorge D. Etchevers},
A new method was developed for extracting Imazapyr from soil samples. Instead of using organic solvents as the extracting medium, the new method employs deionized water. Validation and extraction tests were carried out on five agricultural soils where the extracted solution was analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography to identify and quantify the herbicide. Validation of the extracting procedure was conducted by computing four performance indexes: selectivity, recovery… CONTINUE READING

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