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Nuevas evidencias para la lectura de T158

  title={Nuevas evidencias para la lectura de T158},
  author={A. Garc{\'i}a-gallo},
T158 is a logograph of value WI’ «tuber, bulb». Besides the already known contexts of wi / WI’ / wi-WI’, wi’[il] «last» and OX-WI’, oox wi’[il], probably «abundance of food», in Yucatec, T158 WI’ is productive in three new glyphic contexts: WI’-NAL / WI’-na-li, wi’naal «hunger, famine»; ki-WI’, kiwi’ «achiote»; and WI’-ja, wi’[a]j (<we’-aj) «to feed, to eat», a derived intransitive verb. 
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Split Ergativity in the History of the Ch’olan Branch of the Mayan Language Family
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