Nucleotide sequence of the trfA gene of broad host-range plasmid RK2.

  title={Nucleotide sequence of the trfA gene of broad host-range plasmid RK2.},
  author={Christopher A. Smith and Christopher M. Thomas},
  journal={Journal of molecular biology},
  volume={175 3},
The nucleotide sequence of a 1622 base-pair segment of the broad host-range IncP plasmid RK2 (identical to RP1, RP4, R18 and R68) was determined. This region includes the trfA gene, encoding a trans-acting product essential for vegetative plasmid replication. The nucleotide sequence, together with the results described in the accompanying paper by Shingler & Thomas, indicates that the trfA gene encodes two polypeptide products (of 382 and 285 amino acids) by utilizing different translational… CONTINUE READING
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