Nucleotide sequence of a wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cDNA clone encoding the waxy protein

  title={Nucleotide sequence of a wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cDNA clone encoding the waxy protein},
  author={Joanna R. Clark and Morag Robertson and Charles C. Ainsworth},
  journal={Plant Molecular Biology},
The waxy mutation in maize is characterised by the complete loss of amylase in the starch fraction of the kernel [1, 2, 3]. In addition, there is a significant reduction in the amount of granule-bound starch synthase activity in the mutant [2] which correlates with the absence of a protein of 60 kDa, which in wild-type kernels is the most abundant protein associated with starch granules [4, 5]. For this reason, it has been assumed that the 60 kDa waxy protein is the granule-bound starch… CONTINUE READING
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