Nucleotide sequence of a 25S rRNA gene from mustard (Sinapis alba)

  title={Nucleotide sequence of a 25S rRNA gene from mustard (Sinapis alba)},
  author={Ingrid Capesius},
  journal={Plant Molecular Biology},
From a rRNA repeating unit of Sinapis alba (Brassicaceae) we have sequenced the 5.8S gene, the internal transcribed spacers [4] and the intergenic spacer with the 18S rRNA coding region [5]. Here we present the nucleotide sequence (3381 bp) of the 25S rRNA gene and thus complete the primary structure of the mustard ribosomal gene, which in total is 9005 bp long. The nucleotide sequence of the 25 S rRNA gene is shown in Fig. 1 and was determined using both chemical and dideoxy sequencing methods… CONTINUE READING