Nucleotide sequence comparison of normal and translocated murine c-myc genes

  title={Nucleotide sequence comparison of normal and translocated murine c-myc genes},
  author={Lawrence Walter Stanton and Paul D. Fahrlander and Paul M. Tesser and Kenneth B. Marcu},
Plasmacytoid tumours in mice and Burkitt's lymphomas in humans display characteristic chromosomal translocations involving the c-myc proto-oncogene1,2. Models to explain quantitative changes in c-myc expression have been proposed based on the loss of normal promoters3–9 as a result of translocation. However, alternative explanations10–16, such as somatic mutation14,17,18, are needed to explain altered c-myc expression in the absence of gene breakage. We present here the nucleotide sequence of… CONTINUE READING

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