Nucleotide Sequence of the Gene Coding for the Bacteriophage MS2 Coat Protein

  title={Nucleotide Sequence of the Gene Coding for the Bacteriophage MS2 Coat Protein},
  author={Willy Min Jou and Guy Haegeman and M. Ysebaert and Walter Charles Fiers},
By characterization of fragments, isolated from a nuclease digest of MS2 RNA, the entire nucleotide sequence of the coat gene was established. A “flower”-like model is proposed for the secondary structure. The genetic code makes use of 49 different codons to specify the sequence of the 129 amino-acids long coat polypeptide. 
Bacteriophage Ms2 RNA: nucleotide sequence of the end of the a protein gene and the intercistronic region.
The sequence of an RNA segment of 160 nucleotides preceding the coat protein initiator AUG has been established. It contains the genetic information for the last 45 amino-acids of the A or maturation
Lysis gene expression of RNA phage MS2 depends on a frameshift during translation of the overlapping coat protein gene
Translation of the lysis cistron of MS2 RNA requires a frameshift of ribosomes reading the upstream coat protein mRNA. The out-of-phase fraction of ribosomes terminates at either one of two nonsense
Complete nucleotide sequence of bacteriophage MS2 RNA: primary and secondary structure of the replicase gene
The complete, primary chemical structure of a viral genome has now been established and biological properties, such as ribosome binding and codon interactions can now be discussed on a molecular basis.
A sequence of 54 nucleotides from the A-protein cistron of coliphage-R17 RNA.
Three fragments from the A protein cistron of coliphage R17 ribonucleic acid have been found, purified and analysed from a partial T1 ribonuclease digest. A sequence of 54 nucleotides common to all
Nucleotide sequence of a viral RNA fragment that binds to eukaryotic ribosomes
The nucleotide sequence has been determined for the first 53 bases of brome mosaic virus RNA4, the monocistronic messenger for brome mosaic virus coat protein. The sequence includes the binding site
A search for patterns in the nucleotide sequence of the MS2 genome
The nucleotide sequence of the RNA of the bacteriophage MS2 was examined by computer for internal patterns and it was found that the non-coding sequences in the genome are as highly ordered, although in a different sense, as the genes themselves.


Polypeptide Chain Initiation: Nucleotide Sequences of the Three Ribosomal Binding Sites in Bacteriophage R17 RNA
The initiator regions of the three cistrons of R17 bacteriophage RNA have been isolated and sequenced. All three regions contain a UGA triplet as well as the expected AUG and two contain the sequence
Amino acid sequence of the f2 coat protein.
Three complementation groups in bacteriophage R17.
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Amber mutants and chain termination in vitro.
Examination of the nucleic acid preparations obtained from infected tobacco leaves did not reveal the presence of D N-A-RNA hybrids; this might have been the case if the formation of viral RNA involved DNA.
Isolation and characterization of amber mutants of bacteriophage R17.