Nucleophilic Hydroxylation in Water Media Promoted by a Hexa-Ethylene Glycol-Bridged Dicationic Ionic Liquid.

  title={Nucleophilic Hydroxylation in Water Media Promoted by a Hexa-Ethylene Glycol-Bridged Dicationic Ionic Liquid.},
  author={V. Jadhav and Jin Gwan Kim and H. J. Jeong and D. Kim},
  journal={The Journal of organic chemistry},
  volume={80 14},
Hexaethylene glycol bis(3-hexaethylene glycol imidazolium) dimesylate ionic liquid (hexaEG-DHIM) was designed and prepared as a highly efficient promoter for the nucleophilic hydroxylation of alkyl halides to the corresponding alcohol products in neat water media. It was observed that hexaEG-DHIM promoter enhanced the nucleophilicity of water significantly in the reaction. In addition, the hexaEG-DHIM could be reused several times without loss of activity. Moreover, the hydroxylation reactions… Expand
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