Nucleon spin structure and mass of quarks


The alternative to the standard formulation of the quark-parton model is proposed. Our approach is based on the new solution of the master equations relating the structure and distribution functions, which consistently takes into account the intrinsic quark motion in contradistinction to the standard infinite momentum approach, in which this motion is latently suppressed. The model well reproduces the experimental data on the both polarized and unpolarized structure functions, assuming that only the valence quarks term contributes to the nucleon spin. It is shown, the combined analysis of the polarized and unpolarized data can give an information about the effective masses and intrinsic motion of the quarks inside the nucleon. Simultaneously, it is shown that the rate of the nucleon energy carried by the quarks can be less, than estimated from the standard approach. As an addition, a prediction for the proton spin function g2 is given.

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