Nucleolus organizers in the wild silkworm Bombyx mandarina and the domesticated silkworm B. mori

  title={Nucleolus organizers in the wild silkworm Bombyx mandarina and the domesticated silkworm B. mori},
  author={H. Maekawa and N. Takada and K. Mikitani and T. Ogura and N. Miyajima and H. Fujiwara and M. Kobayashi and O. Ninaki},
  • H. Maekawa, N. Takada, +5 authors O. Ninaki
  • Published 2004
  • Biology
  • Chromosoma
  • Two types (Ra1 and Ra2) of nucleolus organizers were identified in the genome of Bombyx mandarina (Japan) which occurs in Japan. Genetical analysis of a hybrid with B. mori suggested that the loci of both nucleolus organizers are allelic and correspond to the R0 locus of B. mori. These nucleolus organizers segregated and were inherited by the progeny in a Mendelian fashion. The majority of the Ra1 rDNA units were 10.6 kb in length and had an additional EcoRI site in the transcribed spacer… CONTINUE READING
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