Nucleolin: The most abundant multifunctional phosphoprotein of nucleolus.

  title={Nucleolin: The most abundant multifunctional phosphoprotein of nucleolus.},
  author={Marjan M Tajrishi and R. Tuteja and N. Tuteja},
  journal={Communicative & integrative biology},
  volume={4 3},
Nucleolin is a multifunctional phosphoprotein ubiquitously distributed in the nucleolus, nucleus and cytoplasm of the cell. Nucleolin has a bipartite nuclear localization signal sequence and is conserved in animals, plants and yeast. Its levels are correlated with the rate of functional activity of the nucleolus in exponentially growing cells. Nucleolin contains intrinsic DNA and RNA helicase, nucleic-acid-dependent ATPase and self-cleaving activities. It binds RNA through its RNA recognition… CONTINUE READING


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