Nucleolar changes in bovine nucleotransferred embryos.

  title={Nucleolar changes in bovine nucleotransferred embryos.},
  author={Vedat Baran and Xavier Vignon and D Lebourhis and J. P. Renard and Jacques E. Flechon},
  journal={Biology of reproduction},
  volume={66 2},
This study focused on nucleolar changes in bovine embryos reconstructed from enucleated mature oocytes fused with blastomeres of morulae or with cultured, serum unstarved bovine fetal skin fibroblasts (embryonic vs. somatic cloning). The nucleotransferred (NT) embryos were collected and fixed at time intervals of 1-2 h (early 1-cell stage), 10-15 h (late 1-cell stage), 22-24 h (2-cell stage), 37-38 h (4-cell stage), 40-41 h (early 8-cell stage), 47-48 h (late 8-cell stage), and 55 h (16-cell… CONTINUE READING