Nucleation and growth of Ag films on a quasicrystalline AlPdMn surface

  title={Nucleation and growth of Ag films on a quasicrystalline AlPdMn surface},
  author={Vincent Fourn{\'e}e and Tian Cai and Amy R. Ross and Thomas A Lograsso and James W Evans and Patricia A Thiel},
  • Vincent Fournée, Tian Cai, +3 authors Patricia A Thiel
  • Published 2003
  • Physics
  • Nucleation and growth of thin films of Ag on the fivefold surface of an ${\mathrm{Al}}_{72}{\mathrm{Pd}}_{19.5}{\mathrm{Mn}}_{8.5}$ icosahedral quasicrystal is studied with scanning-tunneling microscopy. For low coverages, flux-independent island nucleation is observed involving adatom capture at ``traps.'' With increasing coverage, islands start growing vertically, but then spread, and ultimately form hexagonal nanocrystals. These have fcc symmetry and pyramidlike multilayer stacking along the… CONTINUE READING

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