Nuclear winter: Towards a scientific exercise

  title={Nuclear winter: Towards a scientific exercise},
  author={Kerry A. Emanuel},
  • K. Emanuel
  • Published 1986
  • Environmental Science
  • Nature
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The Messy Nuclear Landscape: Using Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping to Explore Plausible Nuclear Disarmament Scenarios
This study tests various scenarios and finds that, given present-day international instabilities are stabilized, nuclear disarmament is feasible if three conditions are met: first, a global disarmament agreement must not unreasonably affect states’ sovereign rights outside of the agreement.
Life cycle of a star: Carl Sagan and the circulation of reputation
  • Oliver Marsh
  • Education
    The British Journal for the History of Science
  • 2019
This case study is Carl Sagan, widely discussed for his skill as a charismatic popularizer, his perceived arrogance, his political activism, and his debated merit as a researcher, and it is shown how different forms of knowledge influence each other as they circulate.