Nuclear targeting of Akt enhances ventricular function and myocyte contractility.

  title={Nuclear targeting of Akt enhances ventricular function and myocyte contractility.},
  author={Marcello Rota and Alessandro Boni and Konrad Urbanek and Maria Elena Pad{\'i}n-Iruegas and Tymoteusz J Kajstura and Giuseppe Fiore and Hajime Kubo and Edmund H. Sonnenblick and Ezio Musso and Steve R Houser and Annarosa Leri and Mark A Sussman and Piero Anversa},
  journal={Circulation research},
  volume={97 12},
Cytoplasmic overexpression of Akt in the heart results in a myopathy characterized by organ and myocyte hypertrophy. Conversely, nuclear-targeted Akt does not lead to cardiac hypertrophy, but the cellular basis of this distinct heart phenotype remains to be determined. Similarly, whether nuclear-targeted Akt affects ventricular performance and mechanics, calcium metabolism, and electrical properties of myocytes is unknown. Moreover, whether the expression and state of phosphorylation of… CONTINUE READING