Nuclear survivin expression predicts poor outcome in cholangiocarcinoma.

  title={Nuclear survivin expression predicts poor outcome in cholangiocarcinoma.},
  author={Milind M. Javle and Dongfeng Tan and Jihnhee Yu and Charles LeVea and Fengzhi Li and Boris Kuvshinoff and John F. Gibbs},
  volume={51 60},
BACKGROUND/AIMS Survivin is an anti-apoptotic protein expressed in cancer and may have prognostic value. Our study examined the prognostic role of survivin in biliary cancer. METHODOLOGY Twenty-four consecutive cases of cholangiocarcinoma were studied. Immunohistochemistry was performed using a monoclonal antibody to survivin. Survivin expression was described as absent or weak and strong. RESULTS Median age was 68 years (range 40 to 77). There were 16 females and 8 males. SEER… CONTINUE READING

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