Nuclear structure and reaction studies near doubly magic 270Hs

  title={Nuclear structure and reaction studies near doubly magic 270Hs},
  author={A. T{\"u}rler},
  • A. Türler
  • Published 2011
  • Chemistry
  • Abstract Fast on-line gas chemical separations of Hs (hassium, element 108) in the form of HsO4 were applied to investigate the reactions 26Mg + 248Cm and 36S + 238U. In an experiment at the gas-filled separator DGFRS the reaction 48Ca + 226Ra was studied. In all cases the product of complete nuclear fusion is 274Hs*. For the first time, the new nuclide 270Hs was produced in the 4n evaporation channel and its decay properties investigated. The nuclide 270Hs was predicted by microscopic… CONTINUE READING
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