Nuclear spin driven quantum tunneling of magnetization in a new lanthanide single-molecule magnet: bis(phthalocyaninato)holmium anion.

  title={Nuclear spin driven quantum tunneling of magnetization in a new lanthanide single-molecule magnet: bis(phthalocyaninato)holmium anion.},
  author={Naoto Ishikawa and Miki Sugita and Wolfgang Wernsdorfer},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={127 11},
The first measurements of magnetization hysteresis loops on a diluted single crystal of [(Pc)2Ho]-.TBA+ (Pc = phthalocyaninato, TBA = tetrabutylammonium) in the subkelvin temperature range are reported. Characteristic staircase-like structure was observed, indicating the occurrence of the quantum tunneling of magnetization (QTM), which is a characteristic feature of SMMs. The quantum process in the new lanthanide SMMs is due to resonant quantum tunneling between entangled states of the… Expand
Enhancing the quantum properties of manganese-lanthanide single-molecule magnets: observation of quantum tunneling steps in the hysteresis loops of a {Mn12Gd} cluster.
A new structural type in mixed Mn–Ln SMMs having a {Mn12Gd} 38+ core is reported, in which clear QTM steps have been observed in the hysteresis loops of a mixed 3d–4f SMM for the first time. Expand
Hyperfine-Interaction-Driven Suppression of Quantum Tunneling at Zero Field in a Holmium(III) Single-Ion Magnet.
An extremely rare non-Kramers holmium(III) single-ion magnet (SIM) is reported to be stabilized in the pentagonal-bipyramidal geometry by a phosphine oxide with a high energy barrier of 237(4) cm-1 .Expand
Highly reduced double-decker single-molecule magnets exhibiting slow magnetic relaxation.
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Spin dynamics in the negatively charged terbium (III) bis-phthalocyaninato complex.
It is found that the barrier Delta and the tunneling rates change from sample to sample and especially the diamagnetically diluted [Pc(2)Tb](-) molecules appear affected by the sample's magneto/thermal history, emphasize that matrix arrangements around [P c(2]Tb]--) can appreciably alter the splitting of the crystal field levels, its symmetry, and hence, the spin dynamics. Expand
Single-molecule magnetism in a single-ion triamidoamine uranium(V) terminal mono-oxo complex.
The first monometallic uranium(V), 5f SMM, is reported, where the physical properties result from imposing a strongly axial ligand field with C3v symmetry, the first unambiguous confirmation that uranium (V) complexes can indeed exhibit SMM behavior. Expand
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Zero-Field Quantum Tunneling of the Magnetization in a Series of High Energy-Barrier Dysprosium (III) Single-Molecule Magnets
Energy barriers to magnetisation reversal (Ueff) in single-molecule magnets (SMMs) have vastly increased recently, but only for the dysprosocenium SMM [Dy(Cpttt)2][B(C6F5)4] (Cpttt = C5H2tBu3-1,2,4)Expand
Modulating the magnetic relaxation of lanthanide-based single-molecule magnets
In the area of molecular magnetism, single molecule magnets (SMMs) containing lanthanide elements are of immense scientific and technological interest because of their large energy barriers and highExpand
A mononuclear dysprosium complex featuring single-molecule-magnet behavior.
The Dy ion, which possesses a Kramers ground state of H15/2, is an appealing paramagnetic source for the construction of SMMs in a suitable ligand-field symmetry and strength, and all three reported types of single-ion magnets are found with a high-order single axis defining the local symmetry. Expand
Optimization of Single‐Molecule Magnets by Suppression of Quantum Tunneling of the Magnetization
The ligand system triplesalen was rationally designed following requirements for polynuclear 3d single-molecule magnets (SMMs). The essential central part is the C3 symmetric, meta-phenylene bridgingExpand