Nuclear safety and affordable reactors: Can we have both?

  title={Nuclear safety and affordable reactors: Can we have both?},
  author={Mark Cooper},
  journal={Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists},
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  • M. Cooper
  • Published 1 July 2012
  • Sociology
  • Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
The cost of building new nuclear reactors receives a great deal of attention in market economies, including the United States, Japan, and Germany. But in a post-Fukushima era of additional safety regulations, the economics of keeping a fleet of aging reactors online may command just as much attention. The author reviews the experience of the US nuclear reactor fleet in light of the post-Fukushima scrutiny of nuclear safety and describes the factors that have influenced, and will likely… Expand
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The Fukushima Disaster and the Framing of Nuclear Energy in India
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  • Political Science
  • Perspectives on Global Development and Technology
  • 2018
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