Nuclear regulator Pygo2 controls spermiogenesis and histone H3 acetylation.

  title={Nuclear regulator Pygo2 controls spermiogenesis and histone H3 acetylation.},
  author={Mahalakshmi Nair and Ippei Nagamori and Peng Sun and Durga Prasad Mishra and Catherine Rh{\'e}aume and Boan Li and Paolo Sassone-Corsi and Xue-mei Dai},
  journal={Developmental biology},
  volume={320 2},
Mammalian spermiogenesis, a process where haploid male germ cells differentiate to become mature spermatozoa, entails dramatic morphological and biochemical changes including remodeling of the germ cell chromatin. Proteins that contain one or more plant homeodomain (PHD) fingers have been implicated in the regulation of chromatin structure and function. Pygopus 2 (Pygo2) belongs to a family of evolutionarily conserved PHD finger proteins thought to act as co-activators of Wnt signaling effector… CONTINUE READING

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