Nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of lipoteichoic acid.

  title={Nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of lipoteichoic acid.},
  author={Michael Batley and John W. Redmond and A. J. Wicken},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={901 1},
Lipoteichoic acid acids with a range of chemical compositions have been studied using 1H; 13C- and 31P-nuclear magnetic resonance. Proton spectroscopy provided a rapid method for demonstrating whether alanine in a sample is covalently bound to the polyglycerophosphate chains and for monitoring hydrolysis of alanine. The nature of sugar substituents can be determined, with some limitations, from the 13C spectra, and the proportions of glycerol residues substituted by alanine and sugar can be… CONTINUE READING