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Nuclear magnetic resonance of ion implanted $^8$Li in ZnO

  title={Nuclear magnetic resonance of ion implanted \$^8\$Li in ZnO},
  author={Jonah R. Adelman and Derek Fujimoto and M. H. Dehn and Sarah Ruth Dunsiger and Victoria L. Karner and C. D. Philip Levy and Ruohong Li and Iain McKenzie and Ryan M. L. McFadden and Gerald D. Morris and Matthew R. Pearson and Monika Stachura and Edward Thoeng and John O. Ticknor and Naoki Ohashi and Kenji M. Kojima and W. Andrew MacFarlane},
Jonah R. Adelman, ∗ Derek Fujimoto, 3 Martin H. Dehn, 3 Sarah R. Dunsiger, 5 Victoria L. Karner, 2 C. D. Philip Levy, Ruohong Li, Iain McKenzie, Ryan M. L. McFadden, 2, † Gerald D. Morris, Matthew R. Pearson, Monika Stachura, Edward Thoeng, 4 John O. Ticknor, 2 Naoki Ohashi, Kenji M. Kojima, and W. Andrew MacFarlane 2, 4, ‡ Department of Chemistry, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1, Canada Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute, University of British Columbia, Vancouver… 


Quadrupolar Nuclei in Solids
In this article, the reader is introduced to the fundamental concepts underlying NMR of quadrupolar nuclei in solid samples. In a section on the basic spin properties, the fundamental concepts of the
Radiation Damage.
Quadrupolar nuclei in solids , ” in eMagRes , edited by
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