Nuclear energy - The solution to climate change?

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Nuclear fuel materials and its sustainability for low carbon energy system: A review
World energy generation for electricity is still dependent on fossil fuels since it is more reliable and secure than the current intermittent renewable energy systems. Although the integration of
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Bangladesh government is in the final stage of setting up one nuclear power plant with two units at Rooppur, Ishwardi, each having 1200 MW capacity, to be launched in 2023 to meet the energy shortage
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Already in the 1950s King Hubbert pointed out the limited availability of fossil and uranium resources for energy usage. Many agree that reserves of oil will become scarce within this century and
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In this article, we summarize the findings of a new Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) study on the future of nuclear energy. In the 21st century, the world faces the novel challenge of
A Nuclear Solution to Climate Change?
Mitigation of the climate change problem will require a transformation of world energy supply, in which fossil fuels are largely replaced by energy sources that do not emit CO. Presently, nuclear
The Emissions Gap Report 2013: A UNEP Synthesis Report
This year's report presents the latest estimates of the emissions gap in 2020 and beyond and provides information about: - current and projected levels of global greenhouse gas emissions, both in